Weekly groupage service to Europe and North Africa

We provide direct transport services for luggage, pallets, groupage and base loads to Europe, Turkey and North Africa. Thanks to our wide network of partner agents and our freight volume, our weekly services provide a great option for our customers depending on the final destination of their consignment. Our European and North African groupage service adapts to each of our customers’ needs however demanding and complex they are, rendering customised services to each of them.

Please contact us with your enquiries, we would love to talk to you about whatever you would like to ship. Please browse the FAQ section below for useful information on shipping to Europe and North Africa.

Frequently asked questions

We have a weekly groupage service to Greece and the Greek Islands and other European destinations including Turkey. In addition, we have a weekly trailer groupage service to Tunisia and Morocco (Casablanca and Tangier depots) arriving in 5 days from date of transit and  6 days to our Casablanca depot.  We have a competitive full load trailer rates and we can provide assistance in cases where dangerous goods are being transported.

Tariffs costed are based on your own individual requirements. Pallet/parcel size and weight, destination and delivery time affect prices. Freight rates depend on a number of factors: consignment size, weight, destination and delivery times. Obviously, the less time pressure involved, the more beneficial the rates will be. You can be assured of a competitive price thanks to our extensive network and partnerships, and we cost our tariffs according to your individual needs.

Sending items to Europe and North Africa is our forte and no load is too big or too small for our teams. Some of the most popular items we regularly ship include:

Clothes, tool boxes, computers, musical instruments, bicycles, sports equipment, furniture, surfboards, televisions, vehicles, antiques and beyond.

We can provide assistance transporting dangerous goods. Please let us know in advance.

This is a groupage trailer service. Competitive full load trailer rates are available

Ellcworth Express Ltd has built a reputation as one of UK’s best shipping agents, and, as standard practice, we’ll offer you a safe and secure way of shipping your belongings from the United Kingdom – we leave nothing to chance!

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