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Are you returning to the USA or planning an unforgettable vacation there? Visiting on business? Perhaps you want to move to the USA for good? Whatever the situation, shipping to the USA with Ellcworth Express would make your life much easier. Our partnership with a global network of shippers provides several bases throughout the United States so wherever you want to go, we can get you there.

Whether you are shipping household goods or commercial freight to USA, we have a service to suit. Full or part containers by sea and daily airfreight delivery to USA. We are a small company with a well-established network of USA agents, we have the local know-how to handle all paperwork and customs formalities. 

Please contact us with your enquiries, we would love to talk to you about whatever you would like to ship to USA. Please browse the FAQ section below for useful information on shipping to USA.

Frequently asked questions

We ship to the following destinations in USA:
Los Angeles
New York

The cost of shipping to USA will depend on the type and size of your shipment, and whether it is shipped by sea or air. For shipments sent by sea the shipping cost will also depend on whether your goods are shipped as a part load or a full load shipment.

Air shipping costs to USA are based on a combination of the dimensions and weight of your consignment. It is important that this information is accurate in order for us to prepare an exact quotation for your air shipping costs.

Sea shipping to USA can be on either a full load or part load basis. For goods sent as a full load, shipping costs are based on a lump sum for an entire shipping container, and will not vary, no matter how full or empty the container is. For goods sent as a part load, the shipping cost will depend upon the amount of space your goods take up in the container. It is therefore important that you have accurate sizes of your goods for shipment so we can prepare an accurate quotation for your shipping costs.

To get exact shipping costs to USA, please contact one of our shipping team on 0208 979 6054 or complete the shipping quote request form below.

Your possibilities are boundless when sending stuff to USA with Ellcworth Express . Whether you are shipping household goods to USA, personal or office items, sports equipment, musical instruments or technology, we have the capacity to ship goods in all forms to USA.

Items that customers commonly ship when sending goods to USA from the UK are:

  • Suitcases of extra clothing, accessories and shoes
  • Toiletries, make-up and jewellery
  • Work tools, computers, televisions
  • Golf clubs, surfboards, gym equipment and bicycles
  • Artwork, mirrors, lighting and pictures
  • Crockery, cutlery, kitchenware and silverware
  • Textiles, soft furnishings, rugs and curtains
  • British snacks, food and a popular expat favourite – English tea!

USA has its own defined list of restricted and prohibited items that we cannot ship, or that require pre-approval. However, if USA allows the import, we ship it!

Sea freight is one of the most favoured transport methods due to its cost-effectiveness and ease for our clients. Shipping to USA via sea freight takes between 13 – 45 days, depending on the final destination, therefore we advise that you allow ample time for your delivery. If you do not have enough goods to fill one container, shared container load is the ideal shipping option for you. All of your goods and furnishings will be packed and loaded onto a shared shipping container to USA and you will only pay for the space this baggage occupies.

Alternatively, if you need your belongings in USA in a hurry, airfreight is the quickest transit method to move your possessions. Shipping via air freight is highly convenient, but this does come with a higher price tag. Your quote for USA Shipping is calculated based on the weight of your consignment, meaning it is not so economical for larger loads such as an entire home.

Ellcworth Express Ltd has built a reputation as one of UK’s best shipping agents, and, as standard practice, we’ll offer you a safe and secure way of shipping your belongings from the United Kingdom – we leave nothing to chance!

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Excess International Movers has built a reputation as one of Europe’s best shipping agents, and, as standard practice, we’ll offer you a safe and secure way of shipping your belongings from the United Kingdom – we leave nothing to chance!

Get a quote today to send your belongings or luggage to USA. Call us on 0208 979 6054 or send us a message by completing the “get in touch” form below and we will call you back.

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